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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mysterious twin sinks

1617 image

The Runa image

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The signs we found

So, many questions appeared when we arrived at the castle. First of all the area was summer residence of the portugal kings in the past. A prophecy says that Rei Sebastiao (A Medieval King that disappeared after a battle in Africa and people believe that he will return) will come again in a foggy morning to save Portugal. But this is another story.

We found very intriguing facts that turned our attention to the castle of Montemor-o-novo.

The team was shocked by the richness of hidden and well camouflaged signs all around the buildings at the present Convent de Saudacao-nowadays turned into a artistic residence and archeological site.

First is the image of a salamander on the wall of the west wall. Stay tuned for the next post and details.

Monday, November 1, 2010

What is the legend

The legend of the arcs (Lenda das Arcas) in Montemor-o-novo is very old. We found it from a citizens at this little portugal town. We traced the roots and we found a text written by the Count de Monsaraz:

“Entre escombros na rudeza ("Among the rubble rudeness)
De vetusta fortaleza, (Of hoary strength,)
Batidas de vento agreste, (Wild wind beats,)
Empedrenidas, cerradas, (Empedrenidas, closed)
Há duas arcas pejadas (There are two chests littered)
Uma de oiro outra de peste. (One of the other gold fever.)
Ninguém sabe ao certo qual (Nobody knows for sure what)
Das duas arcas encerra, (Two ends of the cabinets,)
O fecundo manacial (The fruitful manacial)
Que fartará de oiro a terra (That the land shall have plenty of gold)
Mesquinha de Portugal; (Petty Portugal;)
Ou qual, se mão imprudente (Or what if reckless hand)
Lhe erguer a tampa funérea (You lift the lid funereal)
Vomitará de repente (Vomit suddenly)
A fome, a febre, a miséria, (Famine, fever, misery,)
Que matarão toda a gente (To kill all people)
Sempre que o povo faminto, (Where the hungry people,)
Maltrapilho e miserando (Ragged and pitiful)
Fosse ele cristão ou moiro, (Were he a Christian or Moor,)
Entrou no tosco recinto, (He went into the rough enclosure)
Para salvar-se arrombando (To save yourself breaking into)
A arca pejada de oiro (The ark littered with gold)
Quedou-se os braços erguidos, (He stood his arms raised,)
O olhar atónito e errante, (The look stunned and wandering,)
Sem atinar de que lado (Without thinking about which side)
Vinha morrer-lhe aos ouvidos (Vineyard die in his ears)
Uma voz agonizante (A voice dying)
Entre ameaças e gemidos. (Between threats and groans.)
“Ó povo de Montemor, ("O people of Montemayor)
se estás mal, se és desgraçado (you're wrong, you are desgraçado)
Suspende toma cuidado, (Suspends take care,)
Que podes ficar pior!” (What can be worse! ") ("))
E nestas proplexidades (And these proplexidades)
E eternas hesitações (And eternal hesitations)
Hão-de passar as idades, (They will spend ages)
Suceder-se as gerações (Succeeding generations are)
E continuar na rudeza, (And the rudeness continues,)
Batidas de vento agreste, (Wild wind beats,)
Empedrenidas, cerradas, (Empedrenidas, closed)
As duas arcas pejadas, (The two chests littered,)
Uma de oiro, outra de peste.” (A golden, another pest.)

Poema do conde de Monsaraz (Poem of the Count de Monsaraz)

But we have serious idea that we found the secret codes implemented into the "Convent de Saudacao".